1959: “To Our Parents . . .”

TO OUR PARENTS . . . This page we humbly and lovingly dedicate to you, our parents, to express our gratitude for all that your love and confidence and home have meant to us. Life is a Building Process. With the DIVINE ARCHITECT and the BIBLE as our Blueprint, we are now chipping and [...]

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1949: “Wisconsin Builds for Eternity”

Record Set '48-49 - 29 Church Schools 404 Pupils! New Wisconsin Academy A Reality! Taking it at its face value the statement by the Lord's servant that "There is nothing more important than the education of our children and youth," parents, pastors and friends are investing more than ever before to make possible the [...]

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2009: “ASI and Wisconsin Academy in Chile”

Lake Union members of Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI) along with a group of 27 students and staff members from Wisconsin Adventist Academy (WA) organized a mission trip to Santiago, Chile, Mar. 10–23. Their plans included building a church, conducting an evangelistic series, and teaching English and Bible lessons. The group was challenged before [...]

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1999: “New Cafeteria Project”

Together We Can! Wisconsin Academy Alumni Weekend was more than just a gathering of old friends-it was the public launching of fundraising for the future of WA. In September of 1998, the delegates to the Confer­ence constituency voted nearly unanimously to build a new kitchen cafeteria complex and attach it to the gymnasium. For [...]

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1989: “Bell Choir for Wisconsin Academy”

The annual Christmas concert was held on December 8, 1989, at Wisconsin Academy in Columbus, directed by Bruce Rasmussen and assisted by Rosalie Rasmussen. The inspirational concert included vocal and instrumental performances. In addition to this, the school's new two-octave Bell Choir performed. The set of bells were on loan to the academy for [...]

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1979: “Thankful for our Kitchen Crew”

The days surrounding Thanksgiving were days in which to be especially thankful. To reflect on the blessings God had given everyone, and to celebrate in a special way the A.S.B. sponsored a Thanksgiving Banquet. Pictured above are the kitchen crew who made the Thanksgiving Banquet possible, including Mrs. Beverly Benson (center), and Mr. Merlin [...]

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1969: “Wisconsin Cows Go to School”

Why do we pledge and give to the building and growth of Wisconsin Academy? Why do we urge our members to give while sacrificing conveniences, luxuries, even necessities? Because we believe in Christian education as one of the best ways to save our youth from the error being taught in the schools of the [...]

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1959: “A Time to Build Up”

By Wayne W. Byers Just recently I stood in the basement of the Wisconsin Academy Administration Building, that is now under construction, and listened as Elder Bieber explained the room layout and showed where the various classes would be held. As I listened, my mind kept wandering back to my own academy days. I [...]

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A Page from the Past – 1949: “Come and Dine at Columbus”

THE 122 boys and girls at Wisconsin Academy are a happy group of students enjoying their sojourn in the new dormitory at Columbus. The student rooms are heated from the newly erected heat and power plant just completed. Those new Beauty-Rest mattresses mean good sleep for every student. And that good kitchen and newly [...]

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