Wisconsin Academy celebrated two runs of honor years on October 15-17, and we were blessed so much. God works in such amazing ways. We’d had to postpone our gathering three times and we came down to a time when although Covid was high in Wisconsin, we decided we’d go ahead for those who wished to gather together.

The class of 1970 had Gary Hixon share his testimony of choosing to go the wrong way, but after hitting bottom giving God another chance which led into a wonderful saving relationship with Jesus.

The afternoon message, shared by Susan Champion Jen of the class of 1971 seemed to mesh beautifully with the morning, as we focused on end times and how God offers us this wonderful gift of eternal life, has paid the price for us, and is longing for us to surrender our lives to Him and let Him have control.

Even the reading Carl Sigler shared at Hallowed Moments (written by Mildred Summerton) tied in beautifully to fill the weekend with a message of hope and comfort. There were many invitations to the Homecoming which Jesus is preparing for us when we can be truly united forever with our Savior and our friends and relatives who make the choice to accept His gift to us.

In these very uncertain and troubling times, God orchestrated our weekend to share His message. If you were unable to be on campus for this Alumni Weekend, you can hear the messages by finding the links on the Wisconsin Academy Facebook page.

– Rosalie Rasmussen, principal