Last week, the Senior Class of 2021 returned from their senior trip to Camp Blue Ridge in Montebello, Virginia. While at Camp Blue Ridge, the seniors spent time helping with a variety of service projects helping get the facility ready to open for summer camps in a few weeks.  The seniors worked, slept, ate, and enjoyed activities on the campgrounds, assisted by camp manager Gobey Martin and his staff. While not working, they enjoyed horseback riding, go-carts, hiking to a local waterfall, and another activities. One day they were able to take a trip to visit the University of Virginia, founded and designed by Thomas Jefferson.

We want to thank all the people who have allowed God to use them in making this trip possible. Some have given their time and energy. Others have donated supplies. Others have provided funding. Others have prayed earnestly for the trip. We thank you all. What you have done has already made difference in many lives.