Learning: The WA Way

We believe that strength and stability of character require the balanced education of the physical, mental, and spiritual faculties. If you’re looking for an education grounded in God’s Word and its truths for our time, join us on a learning journey that will prepare you not only for this world, but for the world to come.


Build Good Habits – Reap the Benefits

There’s nothing like beginning each morning with a personal fitness routine before breakfast! Discover the benefits we’ve always known, but science is just catching up with.


Feel the Stretch With the Support

Your mind is amazing. Give it a workout and watch it grow. Build a solid foundation in the skills, attitudes, and knowledge needed to launch a successful career in God’s service. We’re here to help. 


Be Transformed by God’s Love

It all begins with personal conversion – a transforming experience with Jesus and His love. From there, it’s everyday closer to your Creator and Savior in company with others to support you.