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News & Events

605, 2021

Weekend of Spiritual Emphasis with Pastor Timmy Baze

Pastor Timmy Baze was the featured speaker for our recent Weekend of Spiritual Emphasis. On Friday evening, Sabbath morning, and Sabbath afternoon, Pastor Baze helped us better understand God's call on our lives. He reminded us that every Christian is a really a minister, [...]

605, 2021

Academy Day

Last Sunday was Academy Day. Students in 7th-11th grades spent the day on campus, visiting classes, talking with teachers, eating "cafe" food, touring the campus, making new friends, and getting a feel for academy life. While visiting classes, they potted vegetable plants, learned to [...]

605, 2021

Senior Class Trip

Last week, the Senior Class of 2021 returned from their senior trip to Camp Blue Ridge in Montebello, Virginia. While at Camp Blue Ridge, the seniors spent time helping with a variety of service projects helping get the facility ready to open for summer [...]

2904, 2021

Chemistry Class

You probably remember taking Chemistry in high school. The best parts are always the labs. This week, Miss McWilliams led the class in a lab which included observing a variety of chemical reactions. Some went exactly as expected. A few didn't. Enjoy the pictures! [...]