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News & Events

303, 2021

SA Spirit Week

If we look a little out of the ordinary this week, it's because we're smack dab in the middle of Spirit Week, organized by the Student Association officers. Spirit week is a fun opportunity to dress up (or down?) with costumes based on daily [...]

303, 2021

NHS Inducts Nine

The Wisconsin Academy chapter of the National Honor Society is please to announce that nine new members were inducted it its membership during a ceremony attended by the entire student body with family and friends. Dr. Austin Bacchus spoke about the "Weight of a [...]

302, 2021

Hurtado Speaks for Weekend of Spiritual Emphasis

We were blessed this last weekend to have William Hurtado of International Children's Care (ICC) speak to us for our Weekend of Spiritual Emphasis. He shared about living for others and being "fully human" through the various stages of life. He illustrated his points [...]