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805, 2022

Nestor Soriano Speaks for Weekend of Spiritual Emphasis

We have been blessed to have Pastor Nestor Soriano share with us for a weekend of spiritual emphasis. Pastor Nestor is the Senior Pastor at Hinsdale Fil-Am Church. He is passionate about sharing the gospel and helping people grow. Over the weekend, he spoke [...]

1304, 2022

Junior Benefit

Last Sunday, the Class of 2023 presented "An Evening in L.A." Street-style booths in the gym included balloon darts, a jail, goldfish, live music, enchiladas, mangonadas, pancit, and more.  There was also a silent auction. The juniors worked very hard to pull this off, [...]

1304, 2022

Spirit Week

It's SA Spirit Week! Today was Wacky Wednesday and there were some pretty crazy outfits. Yesterday was Dynamic Duo day and Monday took us down memory lane as we portrayed figures from history. A big thank you to our amazing SA officers and sponsors [...]

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