The following article originally appeared in the October 16, 1947 issue of the “Lake Union Herald”.


BY the time you will be reading this item it is our expectation that the basement foundation will be completed for the girls dormitory at the New Academy at Columbus. Our construction group has been doing very good work. You would have received a thrill, I am sure, as I did to have been on the New Academy grounds last Sunday and could have witnessed the arriving of an airplane that brought two of our brethren from Colorado. They are bricklayers and flew from Colorado last Sunday to look over the work at Columbus, and as a result of our visit they have agreed to do the major portion of the masonry work on the girls dormitory. Efforts had been made to find masons in Wisconsin, but there was very little response. These men are experienced at this type of work, and we are happy that they are our church members. We expect the bricklaying work to begin within the next few days. Let us keep the funds steadily coming in each month for the support of our new school, for now is the opportune time in our building program. Unless we keep the funds pouring in we cannot keep the cement pouring. I am sure we want to see the buildings completed just as early as possible. Whenever you have an opportunity to drop by Columbus and see the progress of the work, be sure to do it. You will receive an inspiration of what it will mean to have a good school for our young people. Corn is looking good on the academy farm, and we expect an abundant harvest this fall. The oats and wheat crops have been good. We have had a good crop of hay, and we are thankful to the Lord for His abundant blessings. This fall, our herdsman tells us, he expects to have seventy-five cows in milk production. If there are any of our farmers who are interested in getting some good young stock, you should correspond with Mr. Lee Chambers, R.F.D., Fall River, Wisconsin. Occasionally there are some calves for sale.  R. G. BURCHFIELD

Image Note: “Location of New Institution – Buildings on left will be removed and the school built on the hill overlooking the river in the foreground.” (photo from the WA Archives)