The following article originally appeared in the June 17, 1980 issue of the Lake Union Herald.

Wisconsin Academy has many things to be proud of but one area where the academy really shines is the work program offered to the students. Students may work on campus, at the academy farm, or at one of the two industries, Harris Pine Mills or Dakota Bake-n-Serve.

Bake-n-Serve, the largest producer of frozen bread, is just across the street from the academy. The Wisconsin Academy plant has been making dough since 1970 Students are able to work from five to six days a week on different shifts, some working a full-time schedule. Wages are $3.15 to $3.96 an hour. Bonuses are given to Student Worker of the Month and Worker of the Year. This new incentive plan was recently initiated by Darry Campbell, manager.

Another campus work program is the academy farm. Students make $2.25 to $3.25 per hour. Many academies sold their farms years ago, but Wisconsin Academy farm manager, Dan Patton, his partners. and the Wisconsin constituents firmly believe in agriculture and the farm is thriving.

Many skills, including carpentry, welding and electrical work, are learned by the students along with the regular farm chores. Robert McChesney, dairy manager, has recently joined the farm operation and is looking forward to an even greater success in the dairy operation of the farm.

Harris Pine Mills is another industry on campus. Students may earn $3.10 to $3.90 an hour with extra evening and Sunday work available. Sewing, filling cushions, assembling and packaging the final products are all a part of the jobs available at Harris Pine.

Harris Pine also has an incentive plan for the students and this helps each employee to realize his responsibilities and to put craftsmanship into manufacturing the products.

This could be the reason the Wisconsin Academy Harris Pine Mill has the largest order file of any of the branches. Alvin Koehler, plant manager, attributes this success to God’s blessings and to the dedication of the students. A summer work program is also available.

Wisconsin Academy and the school industries have been cooperating with each other over the years. The industries are a vital part of the motto of Wisconsin Academy: Head, Heart, Hands.

Terri Conquest, Senior Wisconsin Academy