Dear Parents,

Some of you have expressed concern about returning to school after Thanksgiving break. There are schools going virtual over the holiday season; however, we would like to avoid that. It’s difficult to do semester exams from a distance, and there are some classes (e.g. Shop/Home-Ec/Industrial Arts) that are hard or impossible to do distance. In an attempt to help us finish out this semester in person, we have decided–with the backing of the Wisconsin Conference Education Committee–to do distance learning the week following Thanksgiving. We know people are going to be all over the place during the holiday, and it’s likely some people will contract COVID-19. By staying home and doing distance learning the week after, it allows time for any symptoms that are going to show up to appear. Doing that after the last break seemed to work well. Those who were exposed or infected stayed home to do distance learning, and COVID-19 was kept away from our campus. We understand there is always the possibility of someone bringing it back, but we are trying to lessen the chances. This means the students will return on Sunday, December 6, rather than on Sunday, November 29. This decision was not made lightly; it’s difficult knowing the right thing to do in such challenging circumstances. We are greatly appreciative of your support and understanding.

Thinking of the end of the semester, please remember that students must obtain an exam permit in order to take final exams. The Business Office will issue the permits, so you can call Mr. Gagatam to make arrangements regarding your student’s outstanding account or fines so that the student can be cleared for exams.

I know the world is such a crazy place right now; Bible predictions are coming true all around us. Some of the things going on can be discouraging, but I want to encourage all of you as well as myself to cling to Jesus. Remember that He has promised never to leave us or forsake us, and He has promised to give us strength to meet our challenges. I hope we all will keep our eyes focused on Him and not on the issues around us. Thank you for working with us in this tough time. We love your children and genuinely enjoy having them here with us. No one wants a repeat of last spring!

May God continue to bless you. Have a wonderful rest of your day.

Kelly Taitano
Registrar/Vice Principal
Wisconsin Academy