As the coronavirus threat, also known as COVID-19 remains top-of-mind for many, Wisconsin Academy chose to address the issue head-on with a day of education and preparedness training. On Wednesday, March 4, the entire student body spent six hours in general sessions and hands-on break-outs learning about prevention, preparedness, hydrotherapy, nutrition & temperance, water & exercise, sunlight & fresh air, trust in God, rest, and what a pandemic really is. Pre- and post-testing demonstrated that students retained much of what they learned.

As a final surprise, the students had their hands and faces inspected under a UV light. Unknown to them, they had all been exposed to Glo-Germ, an invisible powder that is easily passed from hands to face in much the way germs are. The powder glowing under UV light on unwashed hands and faces demonstrated how easily germs can spread and underlined the need to be careful.

We pray that as students apply the principles they learned here, they will develop healthy habits that will stick with them through life.