This Wednesday, students and faculty enjoyed the annual spring picnic. The weather was beautiful, and the Student Association officers had planned a variety of fun activities.

Each class participated in an obstacle course that included a rope walk over the Crawfish River, tire flipping, disc golf, crawling through hoops, rolling down a hill, a balance walk, tossing a football, a crawl under a rope web, and a series of hurdles.

After the obstacle course, classes played games of softball with each other and enjoyed Mr. Cantrell’s carbonated fruit. Other activities included a doughnut eating contest, a relay race, a game where classes had to keep a beach ball in the air, capture the flag, sack races, an egg toss, a soccer game, and more.

A picnic supper of hot dogs, burgers, potato salad, watermelon, chips, and strawberry shortcake followed.

Thank you, SA officers and sponsors for organizing such a fun picnic to close out the year. Here are a few shots we snapped today that we thought you might enjoy.