The following article originally appeared in the August 22, 1950 issue of the “Lake Union Herald”.

ON Sunday, July 23, we at the academy were more than pleased to greet- a group of people from the Waukesha church who came to visit our school. These brethren and sisters brought their lunch and ate it in a grove of trees on the school property, after which they made a tour of the entire school and farm. We were most happy to receive these people, and are looking forward to other church groups doing the same thing. We invite any and all of you to visit your academy.

It is gratifying to receive so many letters and cards from parents who want, and are determined, that their children shall receive a Christian education. It is equally gratifying to receive the many letters and cards from boys and girls who want a Christian education. This is in harmony with God’s plan and that is why we are so pleased to see the people of Wisconsin making a sincere effort and sacrifice to send their children to a Christian school. This quality of sacrifice God is faithful and just to reward.

Many are realizing that our youth can be best prepared in our own academies for the perilous days which are just ahead. With war clouds looming again upon the horizon and a new military draft being instigated, it is with genuine thanksgiving that we see the parents and youth turning to the schools which Goff has ordained in preparation for their salvation.

Next year the girls as well as the boys coming to Wisconsin Academy will be taught how to defend their faith in the event that they are called into the armed services. You may he assured that there will be many Seventh-day Adventist young people who, in the not too distant future, will be tempted as were Daniel and his companions. Many have expressed their thankfulness to God for giving us schools which are designed by God to help parents train our young people to stand firm in times of stress and perplexity.

It is the prayer of the faculty of Wisconsin Academy that the Master Teacher will come very near to our school and that His Spirit might help us to guide in the training of His youth during the school year of 1950-51. It is also our prayer that our school may be a spiritual “city of refuge.” God will provide the way for all of His young people who sincerely want to attend the academy. “Prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts.”

We solicit your prayers to the end that our youth will be prepared to stand the trials which ‘we know are just ahead.

E. L. GAMMON, Principal Wisconsin Academy