1959: “A Time to Build Up”

By Wayne W. Byers Just recently I stood in the basement of the Wisconsin Academy Administration Building, that is now under construction, and listened as Elder Bieber explained the room layout and showed where the various classes would be held. As I listened, my mind kept wandering back to my own academy days. I [...]

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A Page from the Past – 1949: “Come and Dine at Columbus”

THE 122 boys and girls at Wisconsin Academy are a happy group of students enjoying their sojourn in the new dormitory at Columbus. The student rooms are heated from the newly erected heat and power plant just completed. Those new Beauty-Rest mattresses mean good sleep for every student. And that good kitchen and newly [...]

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Alumni Homecoming Weekend 2019

As requested, here pictures of alumni weekend. Although the meetings were well-attended, we know many of you were unable to come. We had a good time and we hope this helps you feel just a bit more like you were here. We honored the classes of 1949, 1959, 1969, 1979, 1989, 1994, 1999, and [...]

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Thirteen Trees Planted: Class of 2018 Gift

This past week, thirteen new maple and magnolia trees were planted around center campus. These trees were donated as a class gift by the Senior Class of 2018. Each tree represents one of the thirteen seniors in the class. This gift came at just the right time, as we have had to remove several [...]

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WI, 88.1 FM Starting This Weekend

What a joy to complete yet another new RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE radio station! Though feeling a little weaker from fasting, I easily and safely climbed a no-longer-used 80 foot tall farm silo at Wisconsin Academy this afternoon, installed a single bay FM antenna, and ran the coaxial cable down the side into the barn [...]

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