This page we humbly and lovingly dedicate to you, our parents, to express our gratitude for all that your love and confidence and home have meant to us.

Life is a Building Process. With the DIVINE ARCHITECT and the BIBLE as our Blueprint, we are now chipping and chiseling, modeling and fashioning, erecting a temple. A character that will fit us for service on this earth and make us an acceptable structure for heaven and the earth made new.

You had a vision for the building we would some day be, we now begin to see that vision. We are thankful for the strong foundation in the Christian life which you have provided for us. As we continue in the way set before us, we fear for the great task that lies ahead; but with confidence we shall progress, ever thankful for the strength and security that come from the home where Christian love abounds.

Thank you MOTHER and DAD for all that you have done, for the tears and prayers, but most of all for the strength of your confidence and love,

With our gratitude and love;


This message and the image above originally appeared in the 1959-1960 Badger, our yearbook.