Those of us who saw the progress that had been made on the new administration building at Wisconsin Academy on September 13 were favorably impressed. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that almost all of the work on the building had been done by students. Some of the men who were builders by trade remarked about the excellent craftsmanship. Especially noteworthy were the cement block walls which were as straight and even as any professional could make them. Not only are the believers in of Wisconsin raising the money for this project, but the building itself is being built by our youth. This is our school and these are our young people. One of the brethren was heard to remark, “If we could only take each one of our church members through this building to see the progress that has been made, there would be no difficulty in the raising of funds for the completion of the building.”

Although we all cannot see the building, we should remember that there is a far more important reason for its erection than mere convenience. Our young men and women need an education which will help them to stand against the flood of evil which has almost engulfed the world. To give this kind of an education we need an adequate physical plant. We are not educating youth for education’s sake. Rather, we are training our youth for citizenship in God’s better land. We are not dealing only with the mind. We are dealing with eternal destinies. As we think of our young people— those who are now in school, and those who will attend in the years ahead— let us determine to support Wisconsin Academy in a special way. Certainly $1.00 a month for each member is not too much. Many of us could give more. We will never be sorry for any sacrifice we make to advance the cause of God. When we someday gather around the great white throne of God, with our children there to share with us the joys of eternal life, we will agree that it was worth whatever hardship was required. Remember—this is OUR school, and these are OUR young people.


The above article originally appeared in the February 9, 1960 issue of the Lake Union Herald.