Together We Can!

Wisconsin Academy Alumni Weekend was more than just a gathering of old friends-it was the public launching of fundraising for the future of WA. In September of 1998, the delegates to the Confer­ence constituency voted nearly unanimously to build a new kitchen cafeteria complex and attach it to the gymnasium. For the past six months, Ray Hubbartt and Don Corkum have visited in churches and in the homes of many of our people here in Wisconsin. Their sole goal has been to present the needs of our school and give our people an opportunity to participate in the project.
In early November of 1998, they coined the phrase, “Together We Can” as the name for the Academy renovation project. In this manner, over two hundred and forty thou­sand dollars was raised for this project (I hope you said, “Amen!” as you read that)

The title says it all-Together We Can! It takes a united effort with everyone doing what they can by sacrifice. The Lord does not despise the offering of five, ten or twenty dollars for His cause. He took note of the widow’s mite and observed that she had given more than anyone else because that small coin represented her next meal.
Some in our area have put the Lord to the test already and found that He was willing to bless them beyond what they might have anticipated (see “Day of Miracles” on next page). How is it with you? Could it be that Jesus wants you to do your part?  He can bless you, too.

Your gift will go expressly for the Cafeteria Project and will contrib­ute towards a quality food prepara­tion and serving area to nourish our children into the next millenium.

Why A Kitchen?

Wisconsin Academy celebrated its one hundredth anniversary this spring-it’s kitchen facility is over fifty years old and no one is cel­ebrating that reality.

Wholesome, nutritious meals are being prepared in a small, cramped, outdated facility which will soon require massive renova­tions just to continue functioning. After fifty years of continuous service, we finally need a new kitchen. A new kitchen would give us benefits:

✓ Health-A new kitchen would be easier to sanitize and maintain
✓ Size-Food service prepara­tion requires a larger walk-in refrigerator, food preparation and dishwashing areas
✓ Cost-Inefficient facilities makes controlling labor costs more difficult.

Everything begins to wear out with the passage of time. In order to continue to provide quality Chris­tian education, we must update our facilities. The kitchen/cafeteria is a much needed first step in making our school viable in the next millenium.

by James Fox, Editor

These articles originally appeared in the Lamp Letter