Last Tuesday, students in Bible IV visited four houses of worship in the Milwaukee area as part of their unit on worldviews and religions. During the all-day field trip, we visited the Hindu Temple of Wisconsin, Congregation Shalom, St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, and the Islamic Society of Milwaukee. At each location, religious leaders explained the basic tenets of their faith, introduced us to the symbolic functions of the worship space, and took questions. The students were able to ask questions such as “How do you believe people get to heaven?” “What does a typical worship service look like?” and “How do you envision the end of the world?” Since our return, we have continued this discussion in class, reviewing the beliefs and practices of these religions and more, comparing and contrasting their beliefs with the truths of the Bible. It has been a very interesting study. As we tackle the challenging ideas of other religions, we see the truths of the Bible shine even brighter.