The temperance society at Wisconsin Academy has several projects this year. They are sponsoring magazine racks in Beaver Dam; they have shown temperance films in the high schools in Fall River and Columbus; students have helped in the five-day clinic at the Columbus High School which started March 1; and at W.A. itself 25 copies of Listen magazine are distributed in the dorms each month and several temperance films have been shown.

The week of February 15 to 21 was designated as Temperance Week at W.A. During the week, the officers presented three chapel talks to promote student interest. February 21 was the night of the oratorical contest and the announcing of the winners of the poster and jingle contests. While the audience waited for the judges’ decisions, two films entitled Beyond Reasonable Doubt and Marijuana were shown.

Steve Stacey, who is temperance president at W.A., won first prize with his speech “Smoking’s In.” He said smoking is a depressant, not a stimulant. It burns years off your life as well as burning up your money. Each year more people die of cancer caused by smoking than have died in the entire Vietnam War. Steve ended with an appeal to the audience to do something about the problem by telling people what they are getting into when they start smoking.

The other winners of the oratorical contest were Dan Gillen, who received second prize, and Nancy Witzel, who received third prize.

Forty posters were entered. Darlene Ceithamer won first prize, Sally Herwick won second, Nancy Burnett won third, and Buzz Menhardt received honorable mention.

The jingle contest was won by Terry Baun. Maureen McNeilus received second prize, and Brian DeWitt, third.

Judy Lohff. Wisconsin Academy Student

This article originally appeared in the March 31, 1970 issue of the Lake Union Herald.