The following article originally appeared in the November 10, 1970 issue of the Lake Union Herald.

A beautiful Wisconsin morning, September 22, encouraged 200 students from Wisconsin Academy to participate in the annual Ingathering field day. Students, teachers, and pastors used 40 cars to fan out over a 50-mile radius from the campus, and under God’s blessing, returned with $3,479.89, surpassing last year’s previous all-time high of $3,106.74.

Along with the enthusiasm of the students to increase their total cash receipts each year is an even greater ambition to share their faith in homes and businesses. Student reports bubbled with thrilling experiences. During that one day, 10,000 pamphlets were distributed.  – Lloyd Fisher

Image caption: Darrell Ferree passes up his favorite ice cream treat to canvass the proprietor of a Dairy Queen establishment. Every home and business was ingathered for a radius of 50 miles.