The following article originally appeared in the November 8, 1960 issue of the Lake Union Herald.

In spite of the wet spring experienced here, the crops have turned out very well. The lovely long fall has assured good ripe corn. The hay crop was excellent, with three good cuttings yielding 20,000 bales, 3,000 of which were straw.

From the 10 acres of sweet corn, the kitchen froze several hundred pounds and the rest was sold to the cannery. More than 500 tons of corn silage were harvested from the field corn.

The late warm weather has made it possible to paint the steel barn both inside and out. Some good board lot fences have also been built. The school herd had an average of 11,922 pounds of milk per cow with a butter fat average of 426. This was official D.H.I.A. testing. There are 73 milk cows at the present time.

We appreciate your loyalty in supporting the work here at Wisconsin Academy, especially your liberality in the project at hand, our Administration building.

ALFRED LANE Farm Manager