Grinding Wheat in Home Ec Class

Miss Heidi Rasmussen's Home Ec class has been doing some interesting things recently. The day I visited, students were learning how to grind wheat by hand with a Country Living grain mill. While it is a lot of work turning the wheel, it is gratifying putting in grains of wheat and seeing flour sprinkle [...]

Freshmen Work on “Moo Moo Land” Project

If you had stepped into Strategies for Success class last week, you would have found the freshmen designing flags, writing laws, composing a national anthem, constructing models of government buildings, sculpting miniature cows and chickens, and a variety of other activities. Together, they're creating a new country - a bovine nation they have named [...]

Juniors and Seniors Visit with Nine Colleges

Representatives from nine Adventist colleges and universities visited Wisconsin Academy this last Monday, providing an opportunity for juniors and seniors to ask questions, compare options, and think about God's plans for their futures. Some students filled out applications. Others talked with the reps and gathered information to consider. Institutions visiting included: Union College, Walla [...]

Classes Begin

Like millions of teenagers in thousands of schools across the country, the students at WA have started classes. They've carried their books, consulted their schedules, figured out where the right classrooms were, wondered if each of their classes will be easy or hard, sat with friends at lunch, forgot their pencils, and all the [...]

School Year Begins With 73 Students

God has once again blessed us with a wonderful group of young men and women here at Wisconsin Academy. So far, we have 73 students registered, including 21 freshmen, 18 sophomores, 18 juniors, and 16 seniors with a few more possibilities. We represent many different backgrounds and countries of origin, yet we are all [...]

Graduation – Class of 2021

Congratulations Class of 2021! You are now leaving our campus and moving on with your lives. We wish you God's richest blessings. As you continue to discover the paths God has prepared for you to travel, our love and support go with you. "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says [...]

Yearbook Revealed

Last Sunday the yearbook class released the 2021 Badger, entitled "Behind the Mask." The surprise release began with a flyover by one of our yearbooks students, who dropped a homemade parachuting dummy. The dummy was "rescued" by the yearbook team. Within a few minutes, they began handing out books, which were well-received. The yearbooks [...]

Studying the Great Commission in Sophomore Bible Class

When I stopped in on Mr. Rasmussen's Bible II class this week, the sophomores were gathered in small groups with their Bibles and a chapter from the Acts of the Apostles open on their desks. They were readingĀ  and highlighting key concepts in the chapter entitled "The Great Commission" which describes Jesus' last moments [...]

NHS Inducts Nine

The Wisconsin Academy chapter of the National Honor Society is please to announce that nine new members were inducted it its membership during a ceremony attended by the entire student body with family and friends. Dr. Austin Bacchus spoke about the "Weight of a Talent," exploring Jesus' parable of the talents and encouraged us [...]