God has once again blessed us with a wonderful group of young men and women here at Wisconsin Academy. So far, we have 73 students registered, including 21 freshmen, 18 sophomores, 18 juniors, and 16 seniors with a few more possibilities.

We represent many different backgrounds and countries of origin, yet we are all called together as a family in Christ. We are speakers of many languages: English, Spanish, Urdu, Kinyarwanda, Mandarin, Hmong, Karen, French, and more, yet we can worship and pray together to the same God. We are truly blessed to be a part of His family.

It is always thrilling to see God work in the hearts and minds of His children. Thank you for your support and prayers as He works miracles here at Wisconsin Academy yet again.

Enjoy the pictures of registration and icebreaker games led by the Student Association officers.