Why do we pledge and give to the building and growth of Wisconsin Academy? Why do we urge our members to give while sacrificing conveniences, luxuries, even necessities? Because we believe in Christian education as one of the best ways to save our youth from the error being taught in the schools of the world. Our schools are the best place to prepare our boys and girls for service to the church and for a place in heaven. Is the sacrifice too great? The Clear Lake church does not think that it is. Members have pledged more than enough to reach an accelerated goal by June 30. To help with this goal, they have at least three cows that are going to Wisconsin Academy, not for an education, but to help build the needed facilities. Pictured here is one of the cows that were donated to be sold to raise funds for Wisconsin Academy. – Burtis Rosen

Published in the Lake Union Herald, May 20, 1969