This past Sabbath, students in our select singing group, the Choralaires, gathered at 10:15 in the chapel to prepare for church. Under direction of music director Bruce Rasmussen, they reviewed challenging passages and polished their sound. This Sabbath was the first time the Choralaires sang for church service. After putting on their robes in the music room, they moved around to the rear of the sanctuary, where their first song, “I Got Shoes,” was sung. During the opening hymn, “Christ is the World’s Light,” the Choralaires walked two by two up the main aisle to take their places on the risers. Later in the service, they sang “Do You Really Want Jesus to Come?” and “O Lord God, Hear Thou My Prayer.” After the closing prayer, Belissimi Cerchi, our select bell choir, performed a stirring number from the stage. It was also their time playing for church this year. We were truly blessed by all the music shared on Sabbath. Praise God for His gifts!