What a joy to complete yet another new RADIO 74 INTERNATIONALE radio station! Though feeling a little weaker from fasting, I easily and safely climbed a no-longer-used 80 foot tall farm silo at Wisconsin Academy this afternoon, installed a single bay FM antenna, and ran the coaxial cable down the side into the barn where the transmitter is located. I then drove around the area to check the signal. It’s beautiful! This small 100 watt station is getting out with a clear signal up to 10 miles in most directions. Some 30,000 people live within range and will potentially be reached. Glory to God!

On Sunday, I hope to climb the silo again and mount a microwave relay antenna used to receive audio (sound) from the “studio” on campus, so we can formally begin broadcasting. This project began over 15 years ago, but only recently has the FCC finally granted permission and the Lord sent funds to build it… a story of faith and determination to tell another day!

The images above are from WQWA, Columbus, WI, 88.1 FM Antenna atop middle silo on old school farm.

 – RON MYERS, ’62