Men’s Dorm

Dorm Gift Exchanges

'Tis the season for Christmas parties! In the dorms, students celebrated with gift exchanges. In the women's dorm, the gift exchange came as the culmination of a semester-long "secret sisters" program. At the beginning of the year, girls drew names and surreptitiously slipped notes of encouragement a small gifts to the person chosen. At [...]

2019-12-20T17:59:10-06:00December 20th, 2019|Dorms, Men's Dorm, Women's Dorm|

Dorm Family Pictures

We have such a great bunch of students here at Wisconsin Academy! We took group pictures this week of our dorm families, and thought you might enjoy seeing them. Men's deans Enrique Serna and Mike Cho are doing a tremendous job leading the 38 men in their dorm. Womens' deans Willyta Wamack and Heidi [...]

2019-12-13T19:44:28-06:00December 13th, 2019|Dorms, Men's Dorm, Women's Dorm|

Men’s Dorm Builds Trust

This past Sunday, men's dean Kevin Wilkinson led the students  in a series of activities designed to build trust and community. Students had to work together and rely on one another to accomplish many of the challenges. The final activity involved a $20 bill, a rat trap, and a promise. Wilkinson closed the evening [...]

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