Students Lead Ten Days of Prayer

From the Principal's Desk As a result of Student Week of Prayer coinciding with the General Conference Ten Days of Prayer, our Student Association Religious Vice Presidents decided to use this theme and the materials provided for the basis of our Week of Prayer. This week a personal experience of mine from long ago [...]

Weekend of Spiritual Emphasis with Gem Castor

We have been blessed to have Mr. Gem Castor speak with us our Weekend of Spiritual Emphasis. In addition to serving as an ambassador and prayer coordinator for ASAP Ministries, Gem is an itinerant missionary whose passion is to share Christ everywhere, anywhere, in every way possible. He spoke Thursday, Friday, and Sabbath, encouraging [...]

Week of Prayer Concludes with Baptism

WA students, family, and church members rejoiced with all of heaven as senior Sasha publicly declared his commitment to Jesus in baptism. Sasha was baptized by Pastor Jonathan Fetrick, who has been studying with him. This baptism came at the close of our week of prayer with Dr. Jennifer Jill Schwirzer. For all those [...]

Dr. Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Speaks for Week of Prayer

We have been blessed to have author, counselor, and musician Dr. Jennifer Jill Schwirzer with us for our second week of prayer. During morning and evening meetings, Dr. Jen has been sharing biblical life principles illustrated by her life story. Instead of writing about her messages here, I invite you to watch them streamed [...]

Cases Speak on Relationships and Marriage

What is a healthy Christian relationship? Elder Adam Case and Laurella Case presented a special weekend on marriage and relationships on a Friday evening and Sabbath morning in late October. In his early presentations, Elder Case explored biblical principles, shared personal stories, and answered questions students had submitted. During the church service, Mrs. Case [...]

Choir Sings for Church

This past Sabbath, members of the choir gathered at 10:15 in the chapel to prepare for church. Under direction of music director Bruce Rasmussen, they reviewed challenging passages and polished their sound. This Sabbath was the first time the choir sang for church service this year. After putting on their robes in the music [...]

Staff Speak for First Week of Prayer

For our first week of prayer, the WA staff have been preaching on the book Steps to Christ by Ellen G. White. We meeting in the mornings at 8:15 and again in the evenings at 7:30. Each meeting centers around one of the thirteen chapters, including "God's Love for Man", "The Sinner's Need of [...]

Sabbath Afternoon at the Mackenzie Center

After church, we enjoyed a relaxing Sabbath afternoon at the Mackenzie Center. We visited the wildlife exhibit housing many species native to Wisconsin, including wolves, a lynx, a bald eagle, deer, a great horned owl, a fox, and more. After climbing an observation tower for a nice view, we hiked through the rolling meadows [...]

Outdoor Church

Last Sabbath was our second opportunity to have outdoor services with the local Wisconsin Academy Seventh-day Adventist Church family. Through the summer months and into this year, the local church members have met in a grove of trees near the Lighthouse thrift store. It is a beautiful place within a stone's throw of the [...]

Door to Door in Richland Center

Last Sabbath afternoon, the study body traveled to Richland Center to help pass out literature door-to-door. Working with members from the Richland Center SDA Church, they began by stuffing small bags with literature. Next, they went from house to house, leaving the small bags of literature at each door. By leaving the bags at [...]