Spiritual Life

Week of Prayer with Gem Castor

We have been blessed to have Mr. Gem Castor speak with us for our third Week of Prayer this week. Inspired by George Mueller, Castor travels the world serving God without accepting employment or sharing his personal needs. He has been speaking at 8:15 each morning and at 7:30 each evening, encouraging us to [...]

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Attending GYC

Thirty-six students, staff, and friends began the new year in prayer with thousands of other young people at the the 2019 GYC (Generation.Youth.Christ) convention in Louisville, Kentucky. Some students said they really enjoyed the speakers at the main sessions, including Israel Ramos, Sikhu Daco, and Moise Ratsara. Others really appreciated the united prayer sessions, [...]

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Students Speak for Week of Prayer

This week we have been gathering each evening as well as each morning to hear students share how God's Word has impacted their lives. We've heard how God has helped students locked in darkness find the light. We've heard how God has protected students serving in the mission field. We've heard encouragements to allow [...]

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A Sabbath Full of Music

This past Sabbath, students in our select singing group, the Choralaires, gathered at 10:15 in the chapel to prepare for church. Under direction of music director Bruce Rasmussen, they reviewed challenging passages and polished their sound. This Sabbath was the first time the Choralaires sang for church service. After putting on their robes in [...]

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Dr. Frank Bacchus Speaks for Weekend of Spiritual Emphasis

We have been blessed this week to have Dr. Frank Bacchus share messages with us during the year's first weekend of spiritual emphasis. Dr. Bacchus has inspired us to walk closely with God as Enoch did. Dr. Bacchus will be speaking for church as well. We invite you to come and enjoy this special [...]

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Students Speak Each Morning at Worship

Each morning, at 8:15, the entire student body gathers for morning worship in the chapel. After a hymn and prayer, we hear inspiring messages delivered by a different student each day. Whether giving a meditation on a Bible passage, a personal testimony of God’s work in their lives, or sharing a story that blessed [...]

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Students Lead Sabbath Schools

If you come to Sabbath School with us some Sabbath morning, your are likely to see half a dozen or more students leading Sabbath school study groups in the church sanctuary. As they lead the discussions, it is clear that they have studied their topic well and are able to both ask questions and [...]

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Week of Prayer: Pastor Fetrick Preaches “Jesus on Prophecy”

This past week, we were inspired and drawn closer to Jesus as Pastor Fetrick presented a series of meetings in the morning and evening entitled “Jesus on Prophecy. This week-long series covered such topics as Forgiveness, Baptism, Signs of the Second Coming, The Mark of the Beast, The State of the Dead, and many [...]

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Dr. Karl Tsatalbasidis Speaks for Week of Prayer

We have been blessed to have Dr. Tsatalbasidis share with us for our fourth week of prayer this year. Dr. Tstatalbasidis is a professor of theology at Ouachita Hills College near Little Rock, Arkansas. He has been speaking about the centrality of the sanctuary in Christian life and worship. On Thursday and Friday, he [...]

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Pastor Hill Speaks for Week of Prayer

We have been truly blessed  to have Pastor Bryce K. Hill speak to us morning and evening during our second week of prayer this year. In addition to his stirring messages, Pastor Hill encouraged students to memorize Romans 8:32, and the final paragraph of Steps to Christ, page 15. By the end of the [...]

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