Last Saturday night, the men’s dorm had their second annual ramen cook-off in the home-ec room. Five teams chopped, boiled, shredded, fried, crushed, sprinkled, and poured ingredients such as eggs, pepper, carrots, cabbage, potato chips, BBQ sauce, mushrooms, onions, Takis Fuego chips, ginger, salt, and much in an effort to create the perfect ramen noodle dish. All brought their own noodles. Some had access to ingredients from the kitchen or the grocery store, while others creatively improvised from stuff they had in their dorm rooms.

After about an hour of preparation, the ramen was plated and presented to the judges – two staff and two RAs. Last-minute touches included a creative use of cooking utensils and dipping sauces. While all the entries were interesting or tasty in their own way, the winning entry was a “traditional ramen-style Vietnamese pho” that had been put together using a internet recipe. It was delicious.

Enjoy the pictures!