We were blessed this last weekend to have William Hurtado of International Children’s Care (ICC) speak to us for our Weekend of Spiritual Emphasis. He shared about living for others and being “fully human” through the various stages of life. He illustrated his points with moving stories of orphans and the people who love them. Since 1978, ICC has been dedicated to all the care, education, and spiritual growth of orphaned and vulnerable children in over a dozen underdeveloped countries.

On Friday evening, he presented ICC’s Excellence in Outreach Award to WA freshman Lucas Nelson and his family “for initiating Lucas Legos for Kids, an ICC outreach for children in need.” To date, almost 330 pounds of legos have donated by people across the United States and delivered to orphans around the world through this project.

Hearing the stories of need and seeing how people like us can make a difference, we were inspired to do what we can to help those in need.

Enjoy the pictures.