THE 122 boys and girls at Wisconsin Academy are a happy group of students enjoying their sojourn in the new dormitory at Columbus. The student rooms are heated from the newly erected heat and power plant just completed. Those new Beauty-Rest mattresses mean good sleep for every student. And that good kitchen and newly equipped dining room are so attractive to everyone. Now the dining room commands our respectful attention. It is proposed to use a sound insulation material on the ceiling and knotted pine boards on the walls instead of plaster. On the floor a wax paint that will soften the sound of sliding chairs will be used. When this dining room is completed it will be a joy and satisfaction to any student or guest who is fortunate enough to bring along his appetite and dine there. October 15 is the third Sabbath when our Academy Fund is received in every church, and the October offering will be used to complete the dining room as described in this story. The believers and friends in the Wisconsin Conference have rolled up a marvelous sum of dollars for this newly located academy. We believe the youth of Wisconsin deserve the best possible training for a place in the Lord’s work. Remember them as you give on October 15 for the academy needs. – R. G. BURCHFIELD

(originally printing in the Lake Union Herald, October 11, 1949)