Last Sunday, students volunteered at Primates Incorporated, a spacious and enriching monkey sanctuary near Westfield. Primates Incorporated plans to rescue about five to 10 monkeys a year, with the goal of 100 at the facility within two decades. Currently, they have five rhesus monkeys. Students helped the sanctuary in a variety of ways, tearing out old enclosures, digging foundations for new enclosures under beautiful geodesic domes, preparing food for the monkeys, organizing storage areas, painting pools, hauling cement, cleaning cages, and more. Several students made special connection with Timon, and 8-year-old monkey at the bottom of the pecking order.

To see pictures of the monkeys and find out more about Primates Incorporated, visit their site at

Helping at Primates Incorporate is yet another way Wisconsin Academy is preparing students for a life of service.