This year, the Senior Class of 2019 spend a much of class trip helping others. On Sunday, we volunteered at Buckhorn State Park, preparing for the summer season. We raked leaves, picked up sticks, cleared limbs, and removed trash at a picnic area by the lake. We stayed at Camp Wakonda and enjoyed a bonfire and s’mores Sunday night. On Monday, we volunteered at Primates Incorporated, a spacious and enriching monkey sanctuary near Westfield. Some of us had volunteered there last fall, and it was fun to see how things had progressed. Primates Incorporated plans to rescue about five to 10 monkeys a year, with the goal of 100 at the facility within two decades. Currently, they have five rhesus monkeys. We helped by organizing materials, removing hardware from lumber, constructing cages, spreading straw, and more. On Tuesday we drove to the Mall of America in Minnesota where we enjoyed the rides and spent some time shopping. After a few hours in the pool, we spent the night in a motel. On Wednesday morning we successfully escaped from two escape rooms (one group had only one second remaining), experienced a beautiful “Fly Over America”, enjoyed the aquarium, and did some more shopping. Wednesday afternoon we came back and were surprised by a warm greeting from the rest of the study body. Enjoy the pictures!