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“Relationships God’s Way”

This last weekend, the ladies of the women's dorm  were blessed with a "Relationships God's Way" workshop presented by Mrs. Rebecca Lawrence. Friday evening and throughout the day on Sabbath, they learned about how a relationship with Jesus transforms our lives and how He should be involved in all of our relationships. The presentations [...]

Christmas Concert

There’s nothing like music to bring in the Christmas season. We were blessed Sabbath afternoon with a beautiful concert organized by the music director Bruce Rasmussen and the entire music department. Around 50 students sang, rang bells, or played musical instruments. The result was a joyful celebration of God’s incredible gift of Jesus Christ. [...]

Spirit Week

If we looked a little out of the ordinary last week, it's because we were celebrating Spirit Week, organized by the Student Association officers. Spirit week is a fun opportunity to dress up (or down?) with costumes based on daily themes. On Monday, we either dressed up like socialites or like people from the [...]

Celebrating Christmas in the Dorms

On Sunday evening, the dorms celebrated Christmas with parties. First, students from both dorms gathered for goodies in the Women's dorm lobby. The women had decorated their doors and the men voted on the door decoration they liked best. After the men had left, the women voted on the door they liked best. Many [...]

Christmas Lights in Janesville

On Saturday Night, both dorms sponsored a trip to see the Christmas light display at the Rotary Botanical Gardens in Janesville. The weather was chilly, but seeing over 1 million Christmas lights in all configurations and colors reflected in the lake was impressive. Enjoy the pictures! [...]

Weekend of Spiritual Emphasis with Gem Castor

We have been blessed to have Mr. Gem Castor speak with us our Weekend of Spiritual Emphasis. In addition to serving as an ambassador and prayer coordinator for ASAP Ministries, Gem is an itinerant missionary whose passion is to share Christ everywhere, anywhere, in every way possible. He spoke Thursday, Friday, and Sabbath, encouraging [...]

Juniors Win Class Scramble

"Batteries!" The word echoes across the gym as students scramble to find a battery in the pile of items their class brought from their dorm rooms. Once found, a runner speeds to the center of the gym and tries to place the batteries in a hula hoop circle before runners from the other three [...]

Week of Prayer Concludes with Baptism

WA students, family, and church members rejoiced with all of heaven as senior Sasha publicly declared his commitment to Jesus in baptism. Sasha was baptized by Pastor Jonathan Fetrick, who has been studying with him. This baptism came at the close of our week of prayer with Dr. Jennifer Jill Schwirzer. For all those [...]

Grinding Wheat in Home Ec Class

Miss Heidi Rasmussen's Home Ec class has been doing some interesting things recently. The day I visited, students were learning how to grind wheat by hand with a Country Living grain mill. While it is a lot of work turning the wheel, it is gratifying putting in grains of wheat and seeing flour sprinkle [...]

Dr. Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Speaks for Week of Prayer

We have been blessed to have author, counselor, and musician Dr. Jennifer Jill Schwirzer with us for our second week of prayer. During morning and evening meetings, Dr. Jen has been sharing biblical life principles illustrated by her life story. Instead of writing about her messages here, I invite you to watch them streamed [...]

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