On Sunday evening, the dorms celebrated Christmas with parties. First, students from both dorms gathered for goodies in the Women’s dorm lobby. The women had decorated their doors and the men voted on the door decoration they liked best. After the men had left, the women voted on the door they liked best. Many of the decorations were very creative.

Back at their dorm, the men had a Christmas gift exchange. Each was asked to bring an inexpensive white elephant. Packages were wrapped with paper, duct tape, zip ties, etc. and stacked under the Christmas tree. One after another, the men opened gifts or claimed others’ gifts, accompanied on by roars of laughter and cheers from their fellow students. Ramen was a popular gift. Other gifts included a small IKEA end table, legos, pop-tarts, a free trip to town with Mr. Serna, and more. Meanwhile, the women were having a similar exchange, with gifts wrapped much more carefully. Gifts included Christmas socks, stuffed animals, blankets, soda, candy, and more. We all had a lot of fun. Thank-you to the deans and dorm club officers who made this event so fun!

Enjoy the pictures!