The word echoes across the gym as students scramble to find a battery in the pile of items their class brought from their dorm rooms. Once found, a runner speeds to the center of the gym and tries to place the batteries in a hula hoop circle before runners from the other three classes have done the same.

“A piece of clothing with Camp Wakonda on it!”

“A stuffed animal!”

“A person who can do the splits!”

“A penny!”

Item after item is called. There are several strategies that help a team win. First, they need to know what they have and be able to find it quickly. This requires a healthy dose of organization and a good memory. Second, the runner must be able to run quickly and then stop, placing the item in the circle carefully so it does not bounce out. If the item bounces out of the circle or if the runner goes past the circle, the attempt is disqualified.

“A musical instrument!”

“A math textbook!”


“The first person who can say all the ten commandments in order!”

When all is said and done, the junior class of 2023 celebrate a victory. Congratulations! Teamwork and organization pay off. And thank you also to the Student Association officers and sponsors for planning another fun event.