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Men’s Dorm Builds Trust

This past Sunday, men's dean Kevin Wilkinson led the students  in a series of activities designed to build trust and community. Students had to work together and rely on one another to accomplish many of the challenges. The final activity involved a $20 bill, a rat trap, and a promise. Wilkinson closed the evening [...]

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Women’s Dorm Holds Bake Sale

Last Saturday night, the girls built community while baking cookies, pies, and cupcakes for a bake sale. Nearly half the girls in the dorm participated and had a lot of fun doing all the calculations to see how much they could make. On Sunday, they sold their baked goods to students and staff, making [...]

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Students Lead Week of Prayer

Each morning before classes begin and each evening before study hall, the entire school has gathered in the chapel for Week of Prayer. We have been blessed with messages from ten of our students, explaining the personal impact Jesus has made in their lives and the impact He wants to make in every life. [...]

2018-09-14T18:48:29+00:00 September 14th, 2018|Leadership, Spiritual Life|

Charting a Course at Senior Experience

This past weekend, the class of 2019 took some time away to chart a course for the coming year and strengthen friendships during their traditional "Senior Experience." Seventeen seniors and three sponsors camped at High Cliff State Park on the shores of Lake Winnebago.  They slept in tents and cooked some of their food [...]

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Seniors Victorious at SA Fall Picnic

The rain stopped just in time for our annual Student Association Fall Picnic. At 10:30, the entire student body gathered in the field to pit class against class in a variety of games and challenges. Each class group wore their colors as much as possible - seniors in black, juniors in red, and sophomores [...]

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School Year Begins With 72 Students

God has once again blessed us with a wonderful group of young men and women here at Wisconsin Academy. Seventy-two students are currently registered with a few more still considering the possibilities. The junior class is large enough that we have had to split it into two sections! This week has been busy. We've [...]

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Student Leaders Dedicated

Student Association officers and dorm resident assistants (RA's) were dedicated in a special prayer at the close of church service this past Sabbath. Pastor Jonathan Fetrick asked a special blessing for them and prayed that God would fill them with His Spirit and enable them to effectively lead and reach other students for Jesus. [...]

2018-09-14T16:39:16+00:00 August 19th, 2018|Leadership|

New Pavement Donated to Replace Gravel Drives

When students arrive at Wisconsin Academy this year, they will be driving on brand new blacktop, only a few days old, thanks largely to a generous donor. In April, a member of the lay advisory approached the Wisconsin Conference leadership with the possibility of paving the gravel parking lot at the Lighthouse Thrift Store [...]

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God’s School

Wisconsin Academy: a place where lifelong friendships are made, memories are created, academic excellence is pursued, and daily opportunities are provided for students to grow and find a relationship with Jesus. Signs all around tell us Jesus is coming soon, and it is so important for our young people to be in an environment [...]

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