Ladies Send Notes of Encouragement

One Thursday morning instead of regular morning worship, the ladies of the women's dorm gathered with Dean Wamack in the lobby to create cards. First, each student picked a name from the list of WA Church members. Next, they prepared cards. The cards included a favorite Bible verse. After writing the name and address [...]

Helping the Haskells Prepare for Winter

When Jason Haskell injured his ankle this fall, it meant a halt to his plans to prepare his farm for winter. A pile of logs stood next to his driveway, in no condition to be used in the woodstove to heat the house. The greenhouse frame sat unfinished. Brush and small bushes were encroaching [...]

CERT Training Begins

This evening, the students and faculty completed the first two hours of a twenty-hour FEMA CERT training led by Jim Ingersoll. FEMA's Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training prepares high school and college students to safely and effectively aid survivors of a disaster. Tonight we registered for the program and received colored wrist bands, [...]

Spring Blood Drive

This past Tuesday, WA hosted its annual spring Red Cross blood drive. This event provides a great opportunity for students to serve the community by assisting with the drive and donating blood. During the drive, students checked in donors, and made sure donors got nutritious snacks and drinks afterwards. Fifteen students and staff donated [...]

Preparations Continue for Mission Project

As Spring Break approaches, 33 students are gearing up for the 2020 "Gift to Guimaras" international mission trip to the island of Guimaras in the Philippines. Over the last few months, they have been meeting with project leaders Mr. Darlie and Mrs. Blanch Gagatam in the English room for prayer and information on how [...]

WAY Teams Visit Tomah and Madison East

Sixteen students who are part of the WAY Team (Wisconsin Academy Youth Team) spent Sabbath sharing and enjoying fellowship with the Tomah SDA Church and the Madison East SDA Church. At Madison East, students shared updates about Wisconsin Academy and provided a beautiful special music. At Tomah, the students were involved in most of [...]

A Different Kind of Christmas Party

Last Sunday afternoon, the young ladies of the women's dorm hosted a Christmas party for their "adopted grandparents" in our local church. While only about half of those invited were able to come, this party, entirely organized by our young ladies and was a joy to attend. After opening prayer and hot drinks, the [...]

Students Prepare a Home for the Homeless

First, we took out the trash. Although the second-floor apartment had only two bedrooms, a tiny kitchen, and a small living room, the previous occupants had left a lot of trash that needed taken the dumpster - worn-out shoes, children's toys, piles of papers, old clothes, pacifiers, bank statements, beer cans, broken appliances, paper [...]

Saving Lives, Giving Blood

Science teacher Kelly McWilliams announced that we surpassed our goal, giving 36 units of blood yesterday during our annual Fall Blood Drive.  A number of students gave for the first time. This potentially saves 108 lives. Thank you to everyone who gave, whether donating blood, or volunteering to run the drive. You made a [...]

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