Academy Day

Last Sunday was Academy Day. Students in 7th-11th grades spent the day on campus, visiting classes, talking with teachers, eating "cafe" food, touring the campus, making new friends, and getting a feel for academy life. While visiting classes, they potted vegetable plants, learned to play handbells, created food art, used heat and water vapor [...]

SA Banquet 2020

This year's much-anticipated SA banquet, titled "Evening in Paradise", was held at the Kestrel Ridge Ball Room in Columbus. Attendees enjoyed delicious tacos and an ice-cream sundae bar on tables beautifully decorated with a tropical theme. After the meal, students changed and traveled to Beaver Dam for a fun evening of roller skating. Special [...]

Flower Night

It's hard to believe it's already time to say goodbye! On Wednesday evening, students said farewell to each other with a traditional exchange of flowers. Each student was given two flowers to share. Each flower was to be shared with words of appreciation or apology. When the blossoms had switched hands multiple times, we [...]

Fun at Fall Fest!

Did you get to Fall Fest this year? If you did, you got a taste of the a few of the many countries our students represent. Maybe you had Venezuelan arepas, or Mexian enchiladas, or American corn dogs, or one of the many other food options. Maybe someone paid for you to get stuck [...]

Seniors Victorious at SA Fall Picnic

The rain stopped just in time for our annual Student Association Fall Picnic. At 10:30, the entire student body gathered in the field to pit class against class in a variety of games and challenges. Each class group wore their colors as much as possible - seniors in black, juniors in red, and sophomores [...]

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