Dan Jackson, president of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists (NAD), visited Bible classes last Tuesday.  He stayed for three periods, sharing a bit about himself and his background before taking questions from the class. Students asked a variety of questions. Do you like your job? How did you become NAD president? What is the most disappointing thing your kids do? Is there a balance between liberal and conservative? What do you think about worship styles? What happens if a church or conference wants to believe something different than the rest of the church? Were you ever in Pathfinders?

Several students expressed how much they appreciated Elder Jackson’s openness, humor, and straight answers that didn’t beat around the bush. It is good to feel like you know your leaders a bit. Elder Jackson’s visit to Wisconsin included talking with pastors earlier in the day.

Bible classes at Wisconsin Academy do more than teach Bible truth. They also provide memorable experiences that help those truths translate into action. This is yet another way Wisconsin Academy is training students to be fit to serve.