Student Association officers and dorm resident assistants (RA’s) were dedicated in a special prayer at the close of church service this past Sabbath. Pastor Jonathan Fetrick asked a special blessing for them and prayed that God would fill them with His Spirit and enable them to effectively lead and reach other students for Jesus.

The dedication service was the culmination of four days of training. In addition to helping deep clean dorm rooms and planning student activities, student leaders had two or three sessions of leadership training each day with Dr. Dave Rasmussen, WA alumni ’75. Dr. Rasmussen, previously dean of men at Andrews University and chaplain at Castle Medical Center in Hawaii,  gave practical lessons on how to effective, gracious leaders, focusing on skills that will be useful in their career and personal life beyond their school experience. He asked them to move past their assumptions and think outside the box.

Training students for service is central to the mission of Wisconsin Academy, whose mission statement is “Developing leaders today who will walk with Jesus into Eternity.”