It’s Saturday night at Wisconsin Academy. Outside, the campus is dark, with only a little moonlight sparkling on the snow. Inside the ad building, however, the hallways echo with shrieks of laughter, halting piano music, and the sound of popping balloons. We’re in the midst of progressive games, an evening of fun planned by the Student Association. In the music room, it’s the old game of musical chairs, while in the math room, stacking cups is the challenge, but be careful not to touch the cups with your hands – you’ll be moving them with a balloon you inflate with your mouth. In the English room, each time the blanket drops, you’ll be rapidly trying to remember a classmate’s name before they remember yours. Remember, also, there are snacks later – oranges, muffins, and other tasty refreshments. If you stick around, there may be a snowball fight. It’s a great opportunity for making memories and having fun with friends.