Academy Preview 2020


With COVID-19 wreaking havoc on the world, we have created the following virtual experience so you can “visit” campus without having to travel. We hope you enjoy meeting our staff and some of our students as well as seeing our beautiful school from the comfort of your own home.

Something Better

Student Association spiritual vice president Daniel Carreño shares a short devotional thought based on Matthew 6:19-21. Every morning, students share lessons from Scripture and personal experiences with God at our all-school morning worship.

Students Share Their Experiences

Live “Ask the Administration”

You’ve got questions. Find out some answers during this recording of our live “Ask the Administration” session with principal Rosalie Rasmussen, and vice-principal/registrar Kelly Taitano. Still have a question we didn’t answer? Please call us at (920) 623-3300 or email

Meet Your Teachers, Faculty, and Staff

Rosalie Rasmussen

Kelly Taitano

Darlie Gagatam

Brandon Baptist

Tyler Cantrell

Greg Edge

Blanch Gagatam

Kelly McWilliams

Heidi Rasmussen

Bruce Rasmussen

Dan Show

Janine Show

Dan Show

Harriet Snyder

Doug Show

Willyta Wamack

Enrique Serna

Mike Cho

Blanch Gagatam

Danielle Lawrence

Happening at WA

Door to Door in Richland Center

Last Sabbath afternoon, the study body traveled to Richland Center to help pass out literature door-to-door. Working with members [...]

Helping Afghan Families

The relocation of Afghan families into communities across the United States has created an opportunity for each of us [...]

SA Fall Picnic

There's nothing like outdoor games with friends on a sunny day to help students temporarily forget their studies. At [...]