The Girls’ Dorm

Girls DormYes, we’re not afraid to say it: We’ve got great dorms.

Take a tour of our new dorms and you’ll notice the spacious lobby,complete with an inviting fireplace, comfy couches, giant fish tank, and a large TV for watching football games, religious programming including 3ABN, and appropriate movies.

You’ll notice the kitchen where girls pop popcorn, make snacks, and bake goodies to share; the recreation room where girls play ping-pong, air hockey, and use the nice collection of exercise equipment; and the study room, where computers with internet are provided for girls to use as well as a small library of reference books and Ellen G. White materials.

The laundry room is equipped with four coin-operated washers and driers that may be used from 7:00 AM – 10:30 PM Sunday through Thursday and 7:00 AM until sundown on Friday.

Take a peak in one of the 22 rooms. Each room has two closets, built-in desks and cabinets, stackable beds, a sink, and mirror. Every two rooms share a bathroom. There are also two handicapped rooms designed for one person each.

We have a beautiful worship room which is used every evening for dorm worship.There are also two pianos in the dorm, one in the worship room and one in the basement. They are both used for piano practice and just playing for personal enjoyment.

Less obvious is the camera system monitoring the dormitory inside and out for the safety and security of our girls.

But when we say we’ve got great dorms, we’re not just talking about the buildings.

What happens inside is even more impressive.

Our girls’ dean, Mrs. Willyta Wamack, demonstrates what pleasant, Christlike leadership is. Together with assistant girls’ dean Ellen Mbungu, Mrs. Wamack coordinates a team of resident assistants and tutors to provide the girls with healthy structure, support, and a community experience.

Girls are expected to keep their rooms and bathrooms clean and pick up after themselves in common areas. These areas are inspected on a daily basis and privileges are given to those who demonstrate habits of consistent cleanliness.

During evening study hall hours, teachers often visit to assist girls who need or want extra help. There is also a tutor on duty each evening during study hall to help girls with their homework and other questions.

Each evening, the girls attend dorm worships where they learn practical ways to live as Christian young women. Once a month there is a Hall Moms’ worship. Four of our local church ladies come to spend time with the girls. Each one provides worship and activities during the regular dorm worship time, usually bringing treats for the girls to enjoy.

A variety of activities throughout the year are planned by Girls’ Club. Past activities have included going swimming at the Columbus pool, a movie and treat night, a Christmas party with pizza and a Christmas movie, an ice cream night, spa time in the lobby, and the Mother Daughter Brunch in the spring.

At Christmas time it is a tradition for the senior girls to decorate the dorm for Christmas while everyone is asleep. What a fun bonding time it is for the senior girls and it’s oh so hard to be quiet while having so much fun. When the girls are done decorating, they wake the other girls up and give each one a small gift. The spirit of Christmas warms each girl’s heart.

Then there are the surprises. During a study hall, music is put on the intercom system. It’s time for a doughnut run! Girls all come out of their rooms and try to find where the doughnuts are hidden in the dorm. This is a fun activity that seems to break up the everyday routine and the girls all enjoy the doughnut treat.

Yes, the girls’ dorm is a special place. We have high expectations for our young women. Perhaps our hopes for them are best expressed by the motto painted in large letters across the lobby wall: “A woman who fears the Lord is to be praised” (Proverbs 31:30).

Parents and family are always welcome in the dorm to visit. Not family? Call ahead to schedule a tour.