Much more than PE class. Recognizing the link between mind, body, and spirit, Wisconsin Academy provides practical education and training to help students make healthy lifestyle choices. In addition to nutritious vegetarian meals, our students spend time each day in a specially designed fitness routine. Based on Spirit of Prophecy counsel and research presented in the book SPARK by John Ratey, we are convinced that young people involved in physical fitness activities on a consistent basis will have higher cognitive abilities, less depression, aggression, and mood swings, and develop sharpened spiritual perceptions.

Wisconsin Academy’s 600+ acres provides excellent routes for walking, jogging, and a variety of other pursuits. In the spring and fall, intramural games are held on the ballfield. Picnics, relays, and campfires are held on the banks of the Crawfish River that winds through campus. In the colder months, intramural games are held in the gym. Sometimes we take ski trips or sledding afternoons at other nearby locations. All these activities stem from the belief that exercise does more than just build a healthy bodies – it invigorates and strengthens the whole person.