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Students Attend Local Evangelistic Series

Each night this week and next week, students have been joining church members and community guests for “Hope Through Prophecy,” a life-changing seminar presented by Pastor Jonathan Fetrick at the Wisconsin Academy SDA Church.

The first presentation on Monday, Nov. 6, was entitled “Bible Prophecy and its Astonishing Predictions.” Additional presentations have been entitled “Signs of the End You Cannot Ignore,” The Bible Reveals the Antichrist (Parts 1 & 2)” and “The Coming Worldwide Crisis.”

We ask for you continued prayers, that we will not only reach community members, but also that our hearts will be touched by the truths of Jesus’ love and that we will be prepared to meet Him soon.

A Wonderful Senior Dedication

Thank you, parents, families, and friends of the senior class of 2018 for helping to make Senior Dedication a success. The seniors organized and led a beautiful vespers, Sabbath School and church service. On Friday evening, Youth Director Eric Chavez encouraged students to do impossible things. During church,WA Church Pastor Jonathan Fetrick spoke about what it means to really love. After sundown, families and friends enjoyed a fundraiser dinner mystery entitled “New York Dreams” in the cafeteria.   The funds raised go toward the class mission project next spring. The Senior class and sponsors, Sara Gardner, Bruce Rasmussen, and Rosalie Rasmussen, wish to thank all who support the class of 2018 and those who attended the weekend. Thank you!

Celebrating Reformation Day with Protests

October 31, 1517, 500 years ago, a monk named Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to the Wittenberg church door, protesting the sale of indulgences. Many see this bold protest as the first key move in what would come to be know as the Protestant Reformation.

On Tuesday night, students and staff gathered to remember what the Protestant Reformation is about and to make personal protests today. After watching a documentary tracing the roots of the reformation and the struggle to restore God’s Word to its proper place in Christian life, students had the chance to make a stand for themselves. Bible teacher Greg Edge bridged the gap between the 1500s and today with a short talk remind us of our need to stand against anything that come between us and our Savior. Many students filled out the cards he provided which allowed them to mark if they committed to each of the following: “I Protest! 1. I take my stand against anything and anyone who would try to keep me from reading my Bible. 2. I take my stand against anything and anyone who would try to keep me from knowing Jesus for myself. 3. I take my stand against anything and anyone who would try to keep me from trusting Jesus completely for my salvation. 4. I take my stand against anything or anyone who would try to keep my from sharing my love for Jesus.” Once the cards were completed, the students nailed them to pieces of plywood on the chapel stage.

Is the protest still alive today? As long as there is darkness in this world, we will need light. As long as there are lies, we will need to hold firm to the truth. As long as the world tells us to forget about  Jesus and His Word, we must protest. Will you stand and join with us?


Students Participate in Thankfulness Projects

Students are finding many ways to express thanks during the month of November. In the outer administration office, a table has been set up where students can either construct cards or use completed cards to express their thanks for someone. Students have been passing these “I’m thankful for you because …” cards back and forth all week

In the lobby of the administration buildling, a thankfulness tree is being constructed. As students write things they are thankful for on leaves cut from colored paper, the leaves are attached the the windows and door. By the time the trees outside have lost all their leaves, this tree should be full of beautiful messages of thanksgiving. In the bathrooms, and elsewhere, there are also lists of ways students can express thankfulness through random acts of kindness.

These thankfulness activities are being coordinated by health teacher and school nurse Joella Show. Joella, we thank God for you!

Excitement Builds for Philippines Mission Project

Although Spring Break is months away, students are actively working toward raising funds and getting documents for our mission project to the Philippines. During our two weeks in the community of Bonongan on the island of Culion, we will build a church, conduct a medical clinic, hold evangelistic meetings, and work with the children. The Seventh-day Adventist congregation there (pictured above) is eagerly awaiting a solid church structure that will meet their needs.

In preparation for the project, each student must raise $1,800 for airfare and project expenses. We are also fundraising for the church building. If you have a student planning to participate in the project, please make sure they get a passport as soon as possible. If you would like to support this project financially, please make checks payable to Wisconsin Academy, and write International Mission Project (IMP) on the memo line. Mail your tax-deductible gift to:

Wisconsin Academy
Office of Development
N2355 Du Borg Rd
Columbus, WI 53925

The official fundraising letter is attached here. Feel free to email or make copies and distribute it as needed.

Leaders Train at LUC Leadership Retreat

This past weekend, Wisconsin Academy sent six student leaders to the annual Secondary Student Leadership Conference at Camp Au Sable. Our student leaders spent the weekend with student leaders from eight other secondary schools across the Lake Union Conference. Much of Friday was spent in sectional meetings. Student Association leaders, student pastors, class officers, and yearbook editors met to be trained, share, and brainstorm together. A few hours of recreation in the afternoon provided a welcome break from all the brain work. Friday closed with a communion service and testimony time. After church on Sabbath, students walked around Lake Shellenbarger and spent some time relaxing in the nature center. The WA student team then met to share ideas they had gathered. During an lively brainstorming session, they discussed ways to help their fellow students have a true Christian experience. The Sabbath closed with a stirring vespers talk from Buell Fogg.  Thank you again for your prayers. We are excited to see how God will use His leaders to bring their fellows students into a closer relationship with Him.

WAY Team Visits Monroe SDA Church

On Sabbath morning, students in the WAY (Wisconsin Academy Youth) team had the privilege of sharing a worship service with the members of the Monroe Seventh-day Adventist Church. Students led out in nearly every aspect of the service. J.P., a freshman, and Perla, a Junior, shared short sermonettes focusing on the power of God to transform our lives. We enjoyed a delicious potlock with the Monroe church family and spent  some time at the Hamman’s home before heading north once again. With the WAY-team, we are privileged to be able to worship with Adventists across the state. Thank you, again, Monroe!

Sabbath at Point Beach

Last Sabbath we enjoyed a beautiful Sabbath at Point Beach State Forest near Two Rivers. Josue and Laura concluded their week of prayer series with a two part sermon on following Jesus. After a picnic, we hiked down the narrow Lake Michigan beach. The day ended with supper and Hallowed Moments on a grassy hillside as the sun sank low. It was a Sabbath not to be missed. Thank-you, Jesus!

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Students Present First Week of Prayer

The Holy Spirit has been moving in a special way through two of our students as they have shared the Word of God during our first Week of Prayer. Each morning, Laura, a junior, has been speaking about building and maintaining healthy relationships with one another. In the evenings, Josué, also a junior, has preached about building and maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship with Jesus.

Many of the students and staff have expressed how much they have appreaciated the presentations. One group of guys in the men’s dorm have been meeting every morning to pray for one another and to encourage one another in their devotional life. On Friday evening, over forty students responded to Josué’s appeal to commit to spending time with Jesus every morning.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Wisconsin Academy as we continue to pursue our mission: “Developing leaders today who will walk with Jesus into Eternity.”

Praying for 9-11 Victims’ Families

Early Monday morning, before breakfast, the entire student body gathered in a great circle around the flagpole to remember those lost during the September 11, 2001 attacks. After a moment of silence and a time of prayer for the families who lost loved ones, students raised a large United States flag to half-mast.