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It’s Time to Enroll: Wisconsin Parent Choice Program

The state of Wisconsin is providing funds to financially qualifying families for private education. These funds are available through the Parental Choice Program. To learn more about the Wisconsin Parent Choice Program, or to apply for acceptance, follow the links provided below.

  • STEP 2: Call WA Coordinator Karen White

New Students Inducted into NHS

The Wisconsin Academy chapter of the National Honor Society is pleased to announce that three new members were inducted in a ceremony attended by the entire student body with family and friends. Dr. Ralph Trecartin, Assistant Provost and Dean of the School of Business Management at Andrews University have an inspiring charge to the current members and new inductees. The charge was followed by a candle lighting ceremony and the signing of the NHS register. The National Honor Society officers and sponsor Brandon Baptist wish to thank all who attended and those who in other ways continue to support these students in their growth. Pictures of the induction service are available on Facebook here.

Win for Pastor and Sophomore at Jeopardy Junior Benefit

Last Saturday night, the junior class presented a fun fundraising evening, including an epic, five-round bout of Jeopardy. Students, parents, and staff members joined the game, competing in groups of two. The game included clues such as: “This president was the first to declare war”, and “This staff member once broke a rib because they were kicked while pulling a calf’s tail.” At the end of the evening Pastor Fetrick and a sophomore, James, won a brand new game of Jenga. The Junior class and sponsors would like to thank everyone who came and everyone who was involved in making this evening a success. Enjoy more pictures on Facebook here.

Early Results from Center for Student Success

I am happy to report preliminary results from our Student Success Program. Still in its first year, this innovative program is already addressing the academic needs of students who are struggling with reading and mathematics.

The hub of this program, the Center for Student Success, is coordinated by its own full-time director, Janine Show, who is doing an outstanding job in this pioneering role. The center is equipped with ten computers and offers instruction in reading using Fast ForWord and instruction in math using ALEKS. Each of these programs individualizes course content and delivery to meet the student’s needs as identified through ongoing assessment.

In August, all students were administered MAP placement testing. The results guided the placement of students in classes appropriate for their level. Eighteen were enrolled in Fast Forward and 14 in ALEKS. As the semester progressed, many of these students began to sense improvement in their performance, which has, in turn, improved their attitudes toward school and increased their enthusiasm for learning.

In January, all students were again given MAP placement tests. While more data is needed, the initial results are very encouraging. Of the 18 students enrolled in Fast ForWord, 12 have improved in their reading levels. And for the 14 students in ALEKS math, 10 have improved.

As individual examples of the progress made, one student improved in reading by 1.6 grade levels, and three students who struggled with math are now ready for Algebra 1.

Student feedback has been very positive. One young lady said, “I really like it, especially the math. It has helped me a lot.” Another commented, “I feel I am learning more.”

We are very pleased with the progress being made. This is pioneering work, as we are one of only a very few Seventh-day Adventist schools who are running a program of this kind. Please keep our students in your prayers as we work to develop their talents for God’s service.

  • Roger Dunder, WA Principal

A&P Students Visit Hospital Robotics Open House

On Wednesday, December 3, the A&P class attended a Robotics Open House held by the Beaver Dam Community Hospital celebrating one year using the da Vinci surgical system. The da Vinci Surgical System is a robotic surgical system designed to facilitate complex surgery using a minimally invasive approach, and is controlled by a surgeon from a console. The system is commonly used for prostatectomies, and increasingly for cardiac valve repair and gynecologic surgical procedures. A doctor who uses the system explained how the da Vinci system operated, and then students got to try their hands with real and computer-based practice.

Government Students Skype with Dr. Nicholas Miller

On Wednesday, students in Government class discussed religious liberty issues with Dr. Nicholas Miller, director of Andrews University’s International Religious Liberty Institute through Skype. Dr. Miller specifically discussed Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, a case in which a Colorado baker refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. He discussed the baker’s religious liberty vs. LGBTQ rights, the difference between licentiousness and law, and related issues involving the separation of church and state.

The session lasted about 30 minutes, including a 10 minute question and answer session. Students asked good questions and will be writing reflection papers on their experience.


Seniors Visit Four Houses of Worship

On Tuesday, senior Bible students took a field trip to visit a Hindu temple, a synagogue, a Serbian Orthodox cathedral, and a mosque. At each, we were given a tour, and religious leaders explained the basics of their belief system. These tours generated a host of questions and meaningful discussions.

This field trip was a part of the class’s study of  worldviews and religions. During the past few weeks we have studied and discussed the major world religions, noting particularly the questions that religion asks and the answers it seeks to provide. Knowing how other people see the world can help us better understand why they act they way they do and how we can best tell them about Jesus, the answer to all our deepest needs.


Juniors Preview Andrews University

This last Sunday and Monday, the junior class joined juniors from across the Lake Union at Andrews University to begin exploring college options. At the career fair on Sunday afternoon, they signed up to preview two academic departments. On Monday, they toured the departments of their choice, spoke with professors and students in that department, and had the chance to get questions answered. In addition to the department tours, we enjoyed a gymnastics performance, special numbers from the Andrews University Singers, and panel interviews with current AU students.

Please continue to pray for the students at Wisconsin Academy as they plan for the nexts steps in life and begin to discover the future and hope that God has promised.

A Wonderful Senior Dedication

Thank you, parents, families, and friends of the senior class of 2018 for helping to make Senior Dedication a success. The seniors organized and led a beautiful vespers, Sabbath School and church service. On Friday evening, Youth Director Eric Chavez encouraged students to do impossible things. During church,WA Church Pastor Jonathan Fetrick spoke about what it means to really love. After sundown, families and friends enjoyed a fundraiser dinner mystery entitled “New York Dreams” in the cafeteria.   The funds raised go toward the class mission project next spring. The Senior class and sponsors, Sara Gardner, Bruce Rasmussen, and Rosalie Rasmussen, wish to thank all who support the class of 2018 and those who attended the weekend. Thank you!

Listen to RingFest 2017 Live!

Students in our touring bell choir (Bellissimi Cerchi) are currently at RingFest 2017 in Toledo, Ohio. The whole event is livestreamed and you can watch thier concert tonight at 6:30 by following this link. Our students will be presenting “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” near the end of the program. A program for the concert can be downloaded here.

RingFest 2017 at the Toledo First Seventh-day Adventist Church welcomes 16 Bell Choirs from as far away as Washington, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Maryland, Texas, and Virginia, as well as neighboring states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana and from Toledo, Ohio. They receive instruction October 26 and 27 and the combined Festival Concert will take place at 7:30pm on Friday, October 27 at Toledo First Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Tune in for some wonderful music!