IMG_9946Academy Day is designed to give prospective 7-11th grade students the opportunity to visit classes, talk with teachers, eat “cafe” food, tour the campus, make some new friends and just “get a feel” for academy life.

Students will also have the opportunity to earn scholarships in an area of their interest.

There are also special meetings for parents and sponsors designed for them to ask questions and find the answers they need.

We look forward to seeing you at Academy Day 2018! Let us know you are coming by filling out the form below.




8:45             Arrive & Welcome
9:20             Worship
10:00           Inside WA – Part 1
11:25            Dorm Tours
12:00           Lunch on the Green
1:00             Inside WA – Part 2
2:20             Challenges/Parent Orientation
3:00             Group Activities/Parent Q&A
4:45             Banquet & Awards