Campus Ministries

Campus Ministries Mission

The Wisconsin Academy Campus Ministries Department is committed to:

  • Fostering a supportive environment that encourages each student to experience a loving and saving relationship with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on a corporate and personal level
  • Inspiring our young people to actively share Christ’s love in their family, school, church, and community
  • Equipping students to become powerful and effective leaders that will lead others into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ministries/Programs Provided by Campus Ministries

During a typical week at Wisconsin Academy the Campus Ministries Department provides/sponsors the following programs for student and staff spiritual development.

  • Weekly Assembly Services – Students and staff meet in the chapel each Wednesday at 12:50pm for our mid-week corporate worship service.
  • Student-led Small Groups – Are you interested in discussing current life issues and how they relate to the Bible? Perhaps you would like to study to prepare for baptism or just need a refresher course. Then join one of the small, intimate student-led groups. Within these small “family groups” you will experience mixers that will draw you closer to each other and help you move beyond your comfort zone. In addition, prayer and Bible study make up the bulk of this power-packed 45-50 minute meeting.
  • Prayer Warriors – Join any of our prayer warrior groups during the course of the week that have covenanted with each other and God to pray for their families, church, school, and ultimately that the Holy Spirit will be poured out in their personal lives so that we may experience true, biblical revival on our campus. Your life will never be the same after participating in these groups on a regular basis.
  • Bible Study/Prayer Sessions (Dorm) – Student leaders in both dorms lead out in prayer and Bible study. These sessions are typically held in the chapel or in student rooms. The schedule is set by the people leading out.
  • Weekly Vespers Services – Sabbath is a very special time at Wisconsin Academy. After all of the Sabbath preparation has been completed, we like to begin the Sabbath by coming together as a school family for an evening of worship. Guest speakers, musical groups, outdoor vespers, and student testimonies are just some of the things that you will experience while at vespers.
  • Afterglow – If you still have enough energy left after a busy week and want to worship our Lord and be blessed even more after the vespers program; we invite you to join us for afterglow. Afterglow can take the form of singing, sharing what God is doing (or has done) in your life, small prayer groups, or just fellowshipping with each other.
  • SOS (Something on Sabbath) - is our Sabbath afternoon program. Some examples of our activities include the following:
    • Sunshine Bands to Local Nursing Homes
    • Create cards for shut-ins and nursing home residents
    • Literature Distribution
    • Round Robin
    • Walks
    • Bible Studies
    • Lawn Concerts
    • Bible Games/Bible Movies
    • Small service projects in the community

In addition to our weekly programs, there are special programs that occur during other parts of the year. Check them out below:

  • Week of Prayer – Week of Prayers are set aside to help us focus on what’s really important in our lives: developing a personal, saving relationship with Jesus Christ. Wisconsin Academy holds at least two Week of Prayer services per year, one of which is always a student-planned and student-led.
  • Spiritual Emphasis Weekends – These action-packed weekends provide students with the opportunity to listen to Bible-based speakers that will challenge them in their spiritual journey.
  • Lake Union Prayer Conference – Every fall the Southern Union hosts a Prayer Conference for youth at Camp Ausable. In addition to the meetings, plenty of time is given to students to fellowship and recreate.
  • Outreach – Students who attend Wisconsin Academy will have plenty of opportunities to be exposed to serving others. Service opportunities include, but are not limited to: volunteering at local food pantries, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, food warehouses, distributing literature, Adopt-a-Highway, leaf rake day, shoveling snow for the needy, the Salvation Army’s annual “Red Kettle” campaign, adopt-a-grandparent, and door-to-door outreach.
  • WAY (Wisconsin Academy Youth) Team – This group of young people plan and deliver vespers,SabbathSchool, and church programs to both youth and adults throughout the Wisconsin Conference.
  • Yearly Mission Trip – Whether it’s Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua, Belize, West Virginia, or Texas, it is our desire to plan meaningful mission trips with the hopes that students can not only serve, but whose lives will be changed.
  • Personal Counseling – The chaplain is not a licensed school counselor, but a listening ear willing to help in any possible way. Professional counseling is available from a local certified Adventist counselor.