Building Commitment


During their teen years, students are setting a course for their lives and choosing the values and principles which will shape their futures. At Wisconsin Academy, we are committed to teaching Biblical values, such as compassion, service, diligence, trustworthiness, faithfulness, and integrity. These values are communicated in many ways.

The school organizes many opportunities for students to foster an attitude of service and compassion for their community. In the past, students have involved projects such as a 30-hour famine to raise money for children in Haiti, raking leaves in a residential neighborhood, helping out at a non-profit lending library for children with differing abilities, and participating in a live nativity pageant.

Each spring, students have the opportunity to serve on a mission trip, either to another country or another region of the United States. Students have built churches, repaired orphanages, assisted medical clinics, conducted vacation Bible schools, helped out with relief work after natural disasters, and repaired damaged homes.

A majority of students work several hours each day on campus jobs. These positions include food service assistants, maintenance workers, grounds workers, readers for teachers, resident assistants in the dormitories, and many others. Faithful performance in these responsibilities equips them with work ethic and skills necessary in holding down a job later in life.

Leadership opportunities are available in several areas, including Student Association, Guys’ Club, Girls’ Club, Yearbook, Gymnastics, and the Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes. Leaders in these areas are closely mentored by sponsors who support and assist them as they grow in ability.

In the dormitories, students practice living in community with other teenagers under the direction of the deans and resident assistants. Sharing living space with roommates and common areas with a diverse group of peers, students have opportunities to practice patience, diplomacy, citizenship, and responsibility.

Through these and other opportunities, students begin to incorporate Biblical values and principles into their own lives, building to a personal moral structure for their future.