Early Results from Center for Student Success

I am happy to report preliminary results from our Student Success Program. Still in its first year, this innovative program is already addressing the academic needs of students who are struggling with reading and mathematics.

The hub of this program, the Center for Student Success, is coordinated by its own full-time director, Janine Show, who is doing an outstanding job in this pioneering role. The center is equipped with ten computers and offers instruction in reading using Fast ForWord and instruction in math using ALEKS. Each of these programs individualizes course content and delivery to meet the student’s needs as identified through ongoing assessment.

In August, all students were administered MAP placement testing. The results guided the placement of students in classes appropriate for their level. Eighteen were enrolled in Fast Forward and 14 in ALEKS. As the semester progressed, many of these students began to sense improvement in their performance, which has, in turn, improved their attitudes toward school and increased their enthusiasm for learning.

In January, all students were again given MAP placement tests. While more data is needed, the initial results are very encouraging. Of the 18 students enrolled in Fast ForWord, 12 have improved in their reading levels. And for the 14 students in ALEKS math, 10 have improved.

As individual examples of the progress made, one student improved in reading by 1.6 grade levels, and three students who struggled with math are now ready for Algebra 1.

Student feedback has been very positive. One young lady said, “I really like it, especially the math. It has helped me a lot.” Another commented, “I feel I am learning more.”

We are very pleased with the progress being made. This is pioneering work, as we are one of only a very few Seventh-day Adventist schools who are running a program of this kind. Please keep our students in your prayers as we work to develop their talents for God’s service.

  • Roger Dunder, WA Principal